The mission of the publication is to focus the experience and dedication of the leaders of America and veterans on the challenges facing the country. Articles have covered the landscape of public policy to include economic and cultural issues, health care, terrorism, corporate fraud, energy policy, immigration reform, national defense and articles focused on veterans' issues. dealing with benefits and related matters. 

        Readers of the VETERANS' VISION are those who have an interest in public policy and politics. Since 1993, copies of each publication have been delivered to each of the 535 Senate and House offices, to the elected officials, to the press secretaries, and to the ranking legislative assistants, as well as given to the staffs of major committees.  With most issues, the Publisher or Editor-in-Chief has also been able to personally hand a copy of the publication to the President of the United Sates. Distribution includes many thoughts of convenience stores nationwide, especially in metro areas where the publication has endorsed a candidate for Congress.

         Tens of thousands of copies of the VETERANS' VISION have been physically handed out at all eight national party conventions since 1996, including every day to each delegate hotel, inside and outside the convention halls and to attendees at the many parties and receptions. With their own media credentials, VETERANS' VISION team members have been able to get into every delegate hotel every four years.  VETERANS' VISION teams employ a "wheel person" to double park down the street from every convention hotel entrance, while two members saturate the hotels with publications.  Amazingly, the VETERANS' VISION was the only publication being physically and consistently handed out at each of these eight conventions.     When team members go back to hotels, copies of the VETERANS' VISION are always gone from the day before.                                                                                                               

       Up to 80,00 copies printed, circulated on a complimentary basis, the VETERANS' VISION is composed, designed, printed and distributed as a public service. A large part of the public service is the published list of endorsements for federal office printed every two years. The VETERANS' VISION endorses candidates based on their support of veterans' issues as a way of compelling politicians to keep their promises to veterans and informing the American public of those who who are worth of support. 
  Who's Who Of America Have Written Original Articles For The VETERANS' VISION
         For 20 years THE VETERANS’ VISION has featured original articles by a veritable who’s who in American life. Over 120 current and former Members of Congress, as well as over 20 Presidential appointees from DOD and three sitting Presidents have written original articles for the Veterans Vision.  These include President Barack Obama, President George W. Bush, Vice President Al Gore, Senator John McCain, Senator John Kerry, Secretary of Defense William Cohen, many military Service Secretaries and over a dozen Cabinet Secretaries, all appointed by the President, as well as over 100 articles by United States Senators, Congresswomen and Congressmen.  Every article by a Member of Congress contains a bio and a photo.

         The highly coveted endorsements are the most carefully read part of the publication.  For over eight years, the VETERANS' VISION has made endorsements in its paper publication and also sent out many thousands of new releases to media outlets provided by the endorsed candidate's campaign.  Typically 80 candidates are endorsed for federal office in every issue, and The Electoral Board carefully weighs on a candidates stance on veterans' issues in making its endorsements.  Candidates use their endorsement for news conferences, press releases, in paid media, in brochures, websites, and cite their endorsement during debates.  The campaign headquarters of every endorsed candidate receives at least one copy of the publication; special campaigns are drop shipped 200 copies.  

80 Candidates Endorsed Per Cycle, Articles by over 150 Members of Congress