After Action Report 2012 National Convention Blitz for Veterans


We strive to bring attention to veterans' issues by presenting out publication and speaking directly to key officials and media outlets during the national conventions, as well as distribute the Veterans' Vision​ publication, in order to make veterans' our top national priority.

Veterans' Vision Content

  • Articles written by President Obama and Governor Romney

  • Article written by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (Then V.P. Candidate)

  • Articles by Veterans and Transitional Facilities for Homeless Veterans:

                              - Agency for Community Treatment  

                              - Liberty House   

                              - ASAP Family Services                      

                              - Vetshouse, Inc.                                

                              - Southeast Veterans Service Center

                              - Mechling- Shakly Veterans Center 

                              - Victory Support Services                


  • 70 Political Endorsements

  • 30 Articles Written by Elected Officials and Candidates

  • The articles incorporated the needs and issues of veterans, including:

                     -"The Employment Outlook for Veterans"

                     - Fighting to improve mental health care services and expanding the Montgomery G.I. Bill for post 9/11 veterans and                         their families 

                                - Securing funds to help build new veterans' medical facilities, or to restructure existing facilities

                              - Holding positions on the Veterans' Affairs Committee


  • Total Publications Distributed: 22,250

  • Tampa: 10,000

  • Charlotte: 12,250


  • Distribution Venues:

                              - Distributed to virtually every delegate hotel, every day for 5 days in Tampa; RNC, 35 hotels per                                                         day

                              - Virtually every hotel in the greater Charlotte area; DNC, 53 hotels per day.

                              - Restaurants and Bars Near the Convention Halls and Hotels

                              - V.F.W. Posts and Veteran Organizations

                              - Local Libraries and Businesses

                              - Local Community Service Organizations and Transitional Facilities

                              - ASAP Family Services

Special Contacts

Dozens of business cards were handed out and several were collected. A few of the personal contacts include the following:

  • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
  • Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett
  • Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell
  • David Boyer, Defense Liberty PAC
  • Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley
  • Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi
  • Luisa Casso, Director of Public Affairs & Communications, Coca-Cola


A series of interviews, during both conventions, were conducted regarding the needs and challenges of veterans. A few of the interviews were conducted by:


KPOO FM 98.5 - Harrison Chastang, DNC


Impact for Veterans

  • Leaders have greater awareness with regards to veterans' issues


  • The needs for veterans are discussed and advocated for:

​​                             > Improved Healthcare

                             > Importance of Treating and Caring for PTSD

                             > Significance of Homelessness Among Veterans

                             > Severity of Unemployment Rates Among Veterans

  • ​Elected officials and political leaders being held accountable for their stance on veterans' issues

  • Addressing current legislative agendas and changes that need to be made


Total Miles Traveled: 3,168

U-Haul rental truck to drop-ship 12,000 publication from Falls Church, VA to Statesville, NC

15 Days on the Road

11 Days Delivering Publications

18 Total Hours of Attending Events and Conducting Interviews Advocating for Veterans Issues

Follow Up

This typically embodies the act of shipping publications to the campaign headquarters of each endorsed candidate, as well as to each office in the House and Senate.

30-60 Hotel Visits Every Day

Team Members Visit Every Hotel

Convention delegate hotels range between 30 and 50 for each national convention. The team

members go back to each hotel every day. VV team members are schooled on how to distribute 140 publications in piles of ten at each delegate hotel. Teams are in and out within two minutes. When team members go back to hotels, copies of the VV are always gone from the day before.​

Schooled To Look The Part
Gain Access To Every Hotel Every Day​​

VV team members are schooled to look the part, not looking left or right, but sweeping into the delegate hotel doors, walking to the end of the lobby, doing an about face and leaving piles of publications on display tables, lounge tables, tables next to elevators, in bars, restaurants, and on any flat surfaces. ​

Distributed to Every Delegate

Hotel Since 2000

The Only Publication To Be Distributed Daily

Since 2000, the VV has been the only publication delivered to every delegate hotel every day. With their own media credentials, VV team members have been able to get into every hotel. VV teams employ a “wheel person” to double park down the street from every convention hotel entrance, while two team members saturate the hotels with publications.​