The Team Also Gets To Meet Celebrities At Events.

Jason Jones of "The Daily Show" lends his support

The VV Attends All Convention Parties.

Gov. O'Malley Singing With His Band

The VV Features Over 80 Endorsements.

Cong. Cleaver (MO) Shows His Support​​

Up To 80,000 Publications Distributed 

VV Team Member with Former Sen. Bob Graham

VV Teams Have Attended Conventions Since 2000.

Watching Gov. Deval Patrick's Speech in 2012  

The Centerfold Shows Champs For Vets.

Cong. Kennedy (RI) Shows His Support  

VV Staff Have Gained Access To Every Delegate Hotel.

​Former Sen. Jim Webb Supporting The Publication

​VV With Media Credientials Go Everywhere.

With Hershel Gober and Gov. Bill Richardson

VV Teams Have Blitzed Last 10 Conventions.

Team Member With Gov. Tom Corbett (PA)


In 2012, the Team Traveled 3,300 Miles.

Seen here with Minority Whip Hoyer in Charlotte

Teams Gain Access To VIP Events.

Michael Steele with VV Team

40 Trips To Every Delegate Hotel Daily.

The Team Taking a Break For a Picture

Shipping Out Publications.

Publications Have Been Distributed Nationwide​